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Welcome to Ikeptit Real Estate University

IREU was born out of the demand of many of our clients and investors.  Shawn Ackerman enjoys sharing the knowledge he has of real estate investing with as many people as possible.  We found that our CEO simply did not have the time, as the network grew, to meet with each person individually.  As a result, this platform given in video and text form, shares Shawn Ackerman's knowledge of starting a buy and hold rental portfolio virtually.


Shawn Ackerman learned fairly early that trading time for money is not a sustainable model for building generational wealth. Although working a 9-5 job is the start, in no way should it be your finish.  One path to generational wealth is real estate investing by utilizing the buy and hold method.  The value adding principal provided in this online platform is that building wealth comes from attaining assets.

Shawn Ackerman  is pouring all of his knowledge over the last decade into IREU.  This platform will serve as a one stop real estate knowledge portal for any one that is eager to learn this strategy and can share in the same benefits that he has obtained because of real estate.

Congratulations on investing in YOU!

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