Ikeptit Real Estate, LLC is a Real Estate holding and Real Estate consulting company.  We specialize in residential investment property acquisition and performance. We operate a "Learn Key" business in the Mid-West and South-West parts of the United States.  Our company is dedicated to working with out of state investors looking for cash flow with low cost and hassle free entry into both the Memphis and Milwaukee WI real estate markets. We are not a "Turn-Key" company, we are not rehabbers we are the investor investor!!!

We provide REI consultation/Mentorship to new real estate investors looking to earn passive income through multiple real estate investing strategies.  





"Our mission is to provide  the best quality, low-cost, Clean and safe rental properties and real estate consultation/mentorship in the United States Of America. We strive to bring the best value to real estate investors."  

Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC
Ikeptit Real Estate LLC


1979 Marcus Avenue ste 210

Lake Success NY, 11402

Email: owner@Ikeptitrealestatellc.com

Tel: 516-992-6401

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What are people saying about IKEPTIT Real Estate, LLC

"Working with IKRE,LLC Staff was a pleasure. With their resources, they were able to obtain a client very quickly, minimizing delays and unnecessary expenses from a vacant property.  IKRE Staff were always accessible and hands-on when it came to facilitating a walk thru and addressing unforseen issues that demanded immediate attention from all parties involved, thus, making transactions go smoothly.

Rest assured, you are in good hands with Ikeptit Real Estate,LLC."


 New York

Relationship: Landlord Written 2016 20 Jun 16:32

"Thanks to Shawn for making investing in Milwaukee a success. He was very knowledgeable and easily accessible through the whole purchasing process. He was well connected and was helpful in connecting all parties involved. He checked in on a daily basis to make sure the deal was going as everyone wanted. He presented a great deal with great ROI. I would highly recommend working with Shawn in any aspect of investing in Milwaukee."

Renato Mckenzie

New Hampshire

Relationship: Shawn wholesaled deal. Written 2017 15 Mar 18:18

"Shawn did a great job putting together a Milwaukee deal and shepherding us through the purchase process. His connections, knowledge, and follow-through were very helpful. We will continue to look for future deals with his involvement."

Dan Hansen


Relationship: Buyer of property. Written 2017 18 Mar 08:15

"Shawn has proven his ability as a hard worker. In a short period of time, as an out of state investor, Shawn has grasped an understanding of the Milwaukee real estate market. He is someone that will be in the business for a long time. He is someone that believes in my core principles: to alway do what is ethical, moral, and legal."

Mike Henry


Relationship: Colleagues. Written 2017 20 Mar 21:29

"Shawn has been a great mentor to me. He gave me some great pointers and strategies to utilize dealing in the Milwaukee market ,especially leveraging your credit and using less cash as possible to purchase your rental properties. Shawn really explained to me how to tap into your equity line of credit to invest into your next property and has opened my eyes to see that real estate investment in the ideal way to financial freedom. I'm now looking to purchase my first rental property this year utilizing tactics and strategies I learn form Shawn Ackerman.... thanks for the encouragement and motivation."

Aziz Raji

New York

Relationship: Shawn Ackerman has been a mentor to me. Written 2017 18 Apr 06:31

Shawn is a true pro. I was looking to invest from out of state and Shawn made the process a breeze - every question I had was answered immediately, every document was sent promptly. He is very easy to work with and has a strong network to help with all aspects of the investment. If you're looking to invest in Milwaukee, do yourself a favor, and reach out to Shawn. I highly recommend him.

Jason Carter


Relationship: Investor buying off market properties in Milwaukee. Written 2017 17 May 20:36


DISCLAIMER:  Ikeptit Real Estate, LLC nor it's members are licensed Real Estate Brokers nor is Ikeptit Real Estate, LLC or it's members attempting to act as Real Estate Brokers.  We do not charge, accept or request commision for any real estate property that is not owned exclusively by Ikeptit Real Estate, LLC or it's members.  Please do not contact or attempt to contact Ikeptit Real Estate, LLC for the purchase or sale of any  NY real estate property.  We suggest you contact a licensed real estate broker for the purchase and or sale of real estate in the State of New York.

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