To Invest or not to invest in your backyard? That is the question.

December 9, 2016

Often times new real estate investors ask whether they should invest in their backyard(invest locally) or should they invest out of state?  The first response that typically comes to mind is what is your real estate investing strategy?  we live in NYC where you cannot purchase a card board box for under $250,000 and cash flow is typically non-existent and same applies for cap rates(sub 7% in most markets).  However in our market you will have an appreciation play(value in the property above the purchase price) and can make significant profits if you buy the property right(65%-75% under market value).  So if your real estate strategy is appreciation opposed to cash flow and that's what your market offers, then stay local.  However if your looking for a cash flow market then consider other areas like the Mid-West which is where we invest solely for cash flow.  The Mid-West market more times then not will not afford you the luxury of huge appreciation like a California, New York or other large markets  however you can see returns of 15% - 20% ROI without much difficulty.  In a nutshell understand your why, then understand what it would take to get to your why(strategy), then conquer!!!!!


Happy Investing






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