Why invest in Real Estate?

We often get the same question from real estate enthusiasts, Why invest in real estate? The answer is simple, Why not? LOL! We know that you really should not answer a question with a questions however we've found that there isn't really a better response.

Real estate is a tangible asset - you can touch, see, live in, trade and finance the purchase. Can you get money to buy stock? We think not... In fact if you went to any bank and ask for financing to build a stock portfolio the bank manager would first check your mental status to make sure your not deranged then give you a big fat NO!!!!

Can you earn passive income from stock? NO!!! you make money on the sale. With real estate(rental property) you can make "mail box money" while you sleep. "I can't wait for the 1st of the month."

Can you get tax breaks from stocks? Perhaps it's possible however I know for certain that you can depreciate real estate purchase price/27.5 years year after year.

And the list goes on.....

For more information on getting started, we'd like to invite you to our monthly REI Meet up. Simply click on the events tab on our website to RSVP!!!

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